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What the Shift to Consumerism in the Healthcare Industry Means for You (And How to Stay on Top of the Game)

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Dec 28, 2015 10:48:00 AM

In the past few years, the healthcare industry has seen some significant changes, particularly in how consumers choose healthcare insurance and providers. Consumers have been given more buying power since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010, and most industry experts agree that said power will only continue to increase. What does this mean for you as a healthcare provider?

At the 2015 HBS Healthcare Network Annual Conference this past November in Boston, two major players in the healthcare industry shared their views on the direction that consumerism in the healthcare industry will head in. Since ImageFIRST Denver’s medical linen and laundry service only serves customers in the healthcare industry, we have an intimate understanding of how these shifts will affect our customers, and how ImageFIRST can help you stay ahead of the curve.

Keith Pitts, Vice Chairman from Tenet Health, offered his insight that increasing transparency in the healthcare system will lead to more consumerism. Using their newfound buying power, consumers will be more selective and seek healthcare providers that offer excellent quality, exceptional service and budget-friendly prices. This is especially relevant news to traditional hospitals, as their revenues stand to decrease. As they bring down costs, they must find solutions to deliver what their customers want while staying on-budget, as well as intensify their focus on service.

Similarly, Josh Flum, Executive VP of Pharmacy Services at CVS, affirmed that the power of the consumer voice will continue to grow—and it won’t be a quiet voice, either. Consumers will demand more transparency, higher quality and greater convenience from their healthcare providers, as a result of high-deductible health plans forcing healthcare consumers to think more critically about their providers. Ultimately, said Flum, consumers will “vote with their feet,” and healthcare providers will see their success in meeting consumer demands reflected in how many patients come through the door.

Are you ready to meet this growing tide of consumerism in your industry? By switching to service with ImageFIRST, you can consider yourself prepared with a few things. Our products and services are designed specifically to help you deliver the kind of high-quality, consumer-focused experience that your patients expect. Products like our Comfort Care line gowns, in particular, are designed to give your patients an exceptional healthcare experience with soft, warm material like they’ve never experienced before.

The effects on your patients’ perception can be nothing short of remarkable—in our case study of the Eastside Medical Center, switching from regular hospital gowns to our Comfort Care line increased patient satisfaction by 400%. And it’s not just our products that make a difference: with continuous support from your dedicated Customer Advocate, you’ll be able to allot more time to delivering excellent care and attention to patients.

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