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ImageFIRST’s Comfort Care Line: Remarkably Different Patient Gowns

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Oct 1, 2015 10:02:00 AM

Americans have been making more frequent visits to outpatient facilities since the Affordable Care Act went into effect in 2010. Now, more than ever, your facility must stand out in a competitive market. How can you make your facility stand out? ImageFIRST Denver’s Comfort Care line of patient gowns is guaranteed to raise you head and shoulders above the rest.

Remarkable Material

Each gown in our Comfort Care line is made with an exceptional microfiber material. The Comfort Care material is unlike any hospital gown material you or your patients have experienced—you’ll have to feel it to truly understand the difference. Patients won’t believe how lightweight, breathable, warm and soft these gowns are, and you’ll be amazed by how durable and absorbent this high-quality, long-lasting material is.

It’s not just the superior microfiber blend that makes our gowns special. We take care of our gowns and give them special attention during the laundering process. This includes our Triple BioShield Protection®, 5-point hand inspection for quality, and sanitization that kills up to 99.999% of bacteria.

Remarkable Comfort

Patients report feeling relaxed and comfortable in our Comfort Care gowns, and the soft, plush material is only one reason why.

The quintessential patient gown is often mocked in the media due to lack of coverage or poor quality, leaving patients feeling vulnerable. However, patients are routinely surprised by the Comfort Care experience. Each gown is cut generously so that patients feel completely covered and secure. Furthermore, these versatile, reversible gowns can be worn for front or back closure.

Contemporary colors and trim make these gowns look more like spa wear than stereotypical hospital gowns. Overall, the comfortable cut and stylish design of our Comfort Care gowns helps patients feel assured while in treatment, especially during tough or lengthy procedures.

Remarkable Experience

When you provide patients with Comfort Care gowns from ImageFIRST Denver, you provide them with a special experience. Patients often note that our Comfort Care gowns look expensive and luxurious; plus, each garment goes through rigorous quality assurance to ensure they are brought to you in the best condition. Patients notice when you invest extra into details, especially when it directly affects their comfort levels. Comfort Care gowns show your patients how much thought and care you put into their experience at your facility.

Remarkable Value

ImageFIRST Denver ensures that providing your patients with a luxurious experience doesn’t need to come with a luxury price tag. Our range of gown options include our proprietary Mammo Gown, Plush Scoop Neck Gown, Reversible Plush Gown and Plush Robe, so that each gown is the best fit and a wise investment in your patients’ experience.

At ImageFIRST Denver, we pride ourselves in giving you the best value. We work with you to set your linen inventory level based on your needs. Plus, our easy to read, transparent invoices let you know exactly what you’re getting and how much you pay for it. We help manage and optimize your inventory regularly and with a formal quarterly assessment and make adjustments to your set level as needed so that you continue to get the best value.

Learn more about how Comfort Care can make a remarkable difference at your Denver healthcare facility, visit today.