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4 Reasons Why Healthcare Facilities Should Allow ImageFIRST Denver to Manage Their Linen & Laundry Programs

Posted by ImageFIRST Healthcare Laundry Specialists on Jun 30, 2016 1:53:44 PM

When healthcare facilities partner with a vendor as remarkable as they are, they can all but transform the patient experience. Just ask Jay Juffre, who is the South East Regional Vice President and National Service Director at ImageFIRST. Juffre has seen first-hand how the company’s unparalleled linen and laundry services allow healthcare systems to focus more on the patient experience. Below, he explains why healthcare facilities should allow ImageFIRST Denver to manage their linen and laundry programs:   


  1. Free Up Staff


Through their comprehensive services, healthcare systems are able to provide better care at a lower cost. Juffre says that “by [ImageFIRST Denver] managing the linen program for our clients, it frees up their staff to focus on the patient and on delivering healthcare." When healthcare facilities partner with ImageFIRST Denver, their staff is able to concentrate more on bettering the patient experience. Unlike the staff working in healthcare facilities, the linen rental and laundry service provider’s associates have the specialized skillset to treat, package and deliver exceptional products. Linen and laundry remains their sole focus, while staff are primarily concerned with making sure patients get the care they need. Healthcare facilities are simply at a disadvantage when they choose to overload their staff with tasks not related to medical care.


  1. Specialization in Industry


Juffre also points out in the article that “specialization allows you to be excellent in what you do. So rather than be a jack of all trades, we prefer to focus on healthcare." By concentrating solely on linen and laundry services, ImageFIRST Denver’s staff is able to provide healthcare facilities with products that have been safely treated and packaged. From patient attire to medical uniforms & scrubs in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding areas, linen rental and laundry services is what ImageFIRST Denver excels at doing!


  1. Accommodational Services


ImageFIRST has the highest customer retention rate in the business—an astounding 95%. Customers like Jeff Katz, vice president of HCA Healthcare and leader of its surgery centers in South Florida, can attest to the impact that eight years of linen and laundry services from ImageFIRST Denver have had on the success of his business. Here, Katz emphasizes his satisfaction with ImageFIRST Denver's healthcare expertise and professionalism: “They’re quick to respond and assist, and the quality of their product is good.” Clearly, the associates at ImageFIRST Denver and throughout the country recognize the importance of providing suitable services to their clients.  


  1. Advanced Technology


Juffre credits the company's prompt assistance and support in the healthcare industry to ImageFIRST Denver's associates and the "amazing technology that we have behind what we do." By using smartphone technology, ImageFIRST Denver's route sales drivers, known as Customer Advocates, are able to manage inventory in a much more organized manner. ImageFIRST Denver’s proven track record and excellent reputation demonstrates the confidence that healthcare systems have placed in the linen and laundry service provider. From patient attire to medical uniforms & scrubs in Colorado Springs, CO and surrounding areas—ImageFIRST Denver has it covered.


Partner with ImageFIRST Denver and you’ll be able free up staff through the company’s specialization in the industry, accommodating services and advanced technology. When healthcare facilities leave linen and laundry programs to the experts, they can focus more of their time on bettering the patient experience.